our journey

Founded in 2019, with a belief that swimming is an essential survival skill for all ages to have, Swim For All is established to impart proper swimming techniques, whether for recreational or competitive purposes, and to improve overall well-being.

Students in Swim For All come from all backgrounds and with ages ranging from as young as 6 months old to over 70 years old.

With a common belief among all Swim For All coaches, we are committed to bring holistic, enriching and fun swim classes to our clients’ “doorsteps”. Our coaches encompass a wide range of swimming experience (NROC, ASCTA, AUSTSWIM certifications) to ensure quality and effective lessons for you.

VISIOn & mission


To be a centre of excellence for swimming, trusted by clients of all ages, renowned for holistic, enriching and fun lessons.


To provide conducive swim classes through qualified coaches, structured curriculum and open communication with clients.



In Swim For All, we are committed to the SWIM core values

  • swim

    All our coaches are certified to ensure that students can learn in a fun and safe environment

  • Will

    We instill the will to excel in our all students and are willing to go the extra mile in our coaching methods

  • Inclusive

    We cater for all students of all ages and leave no swimmers behind

  • Meticulous

    Our curriculum is designed with reference to SwimSafer standards and lesson plans tailored to every individual student.